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Fairy tales and folklore, the fictional stories told to children at bedtime, and the scary stories told around campfires. These stories have been passed down for generations, but what if I were to tell you they weren’t the product of the imagination, but a retelling of actual events. 


And what if I were to tell you there is a world linked to the world of man, one of magic where those beloved stories continue beyond what’s written in storybooks.


But not all fairy tales end in a happily ever after, and when the loss is so brutal, so violent, it rips the soul in half, the parts destined to wander the ages searching for that which was taken, creating a ripple effect that is felt not just in the land of magic, but also in the world of man. For one world cannot exist without the other.


In these rare cases, the universe works to bring those parts together again, to restore the balance, triggering an opposing force, one determined to keep those halves divided. 


But these are fairy tales where good wins out over evil, and true love conquers all, but sometimes…they need a little help.

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